The mission of Robinson Ranch remains firm; to provide comprehensive educational programs for under-privileged, disabled & able-bodied children and adults, utilizing horses to facilitate growth, learning and healing. Pursuing this mission enriches the lives of our students in a caring, safe, and challenging environment that will enable them to reach their full potential.
























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Robinson Ranch Saddle Clubs

True horsemanship starts long before your foot goes in the stirrup. As any horse person will tell you, riding is a reward for the many hours spent on the daily upkeep and maintenance of a horse.


Session I – Foundations of Horsemanship

Session II – Horsemanship I

Session III – Horsemanship II

Session IV – Intermediate Horsemanship

Session V –  Advanced I Horsemanship

Session VI –  Advanced II Horsemanship


Our  Youth and Parent Saddle Clubs are highly recommended.  There are 6 sessions which run  6 weeks per session.  Session One begins with the Foundation and basics of horsemanship.  As the sessions progress, the student is advanced to an intense "hands-on" experience of horsemanship and riding.  These sessions are for youth ages 5 and up.  We also recommend parents take the sessions with their children; it’s an amazingly rewarding experience.



• HORSEMANSHIP 1 – SIX WEEK SESSION (Prereq: Foundation Course or
Placement Test)

• HORSEMANSHIP 2 – SIX WEEK SESSION (Prereq: Horsemanship 1 or
Placement Test)

SAFETY FIRST! Helmets are required and will be provided. Students must
obey instructors at all times. Instructors are lifelong horsepersons
and our horses are gentle. We do not expect any accidents but parents
must sign an informed consent/release of liability form before your
child can participate.

SIX Week Session Fee: $180. Please inquire about available scholarships
when enrolling. Parents are encouraged to enroll at a discounted rate of
$80 per parent!!!

The Robinson Ranch Riding Club gives the student the fundamentals he/she needs to spark an interest in being a lifelong horseperson.   All are welcome!!!



Interested in being a student?